Lost jobs and the federal government

March 18, 2010 10:52:00 AM



Mr. James Hunt seems to have done some cogitating on the job situation at The W and elsewhere. Years ago, when NAFTA was proposed and became law, I (and probably hundreds of others) saw jobs moving overseas/out of the country. The only end result could be people out of work which leads to a recession, or depression if you are one of those out of work. 


When Mississippi''s teachers demanded and received raises to put their salaries on a par with the Southeast average, again I saw problems on the near horizon. I have friends and relatives in the teaching profession, but I still think that what we pay our teachers should not be determined by what other states are paying theirs but what we can afford. 


Unions and raises in the minimum wage share a part of the blame also. There is one common thread in all these reasons, and that is the federal government. Democrats are to blame for part of the problem (unions and minimum wage meddling) and Republicans pushed NAFTA. 


Hopefully one day soon voters and politicians will understand that the government that governs best governs least. That is a huge reason why Obamacare should not be passed by Congress, especially by the method ("deemed" passed) that Speaker Pelosi has said she''ll use. We do need healthcare reform, but this ain''t the way to do it or what should be done. 


Cameron Triplett, Brooksville