Roses and thorns 4-4-10

April 3, 2010 9:55:00 PM



Roses to Relay for Life teams who continue to find creative ways to raise money to benefit the American Cancer Association -- from bake sales to luminaria and yard sales. 


Caledonia schools'' Relay For Life team, the Caledonia Tornadoes, takes its name from the 2008 tornado that devastated its campus and much of the community. 


The Relay for Life also holds special meaning for the team. 


Cancer claimed the lives of two teachers at the campus in the last 10 years and the husband of an assistant teacher. 


The Tornadoes'' goal is to raise $5,000 for cancer research prior to the April 23 event at the Magnolia Bowl in Columbus. 


Their campaign is in honor of late fifth-grade teacher Jordan Brock, who passed in 2006 due to colon cancer, late kindergarten teacher Kathy Moore, who was lost to cancer 10 years ago and Debbie Downs, Caledonia assistant teacher whose husband, Perry Downs, died from cancer nine years ago. Two kindergarten teachers at the school -- Terri Boyer and Carolyn Perkins -- and also have had recent bouts with the disease. 




A rose to George Irby, Sen. Terry Brown, city and county officials for securing $2 million in grant money to renovate the old river bridge over the Tombigbee on Highway 82. 


The old bridge soon will be part of a walking trail, rather than just an abandoned piece of town history. Much like the Riverwalk has accented downtown Columbus, the new walking path can only add more charm to the area. 




A rose to Robert Adams Ivy who was named a master architect by Alpha Rho Chi, the national architecture fraternity. 


Ivy is a former Columbus resident and editor-in-chief of Architectural Record; he also is vice president and editorial director of McGraw-Hill Construction. 


He received the accolade for his contributions to communicating the value of design, both within the fraternity and to the larger world.  


As master architect, Ivy will serve in an honorary, mentoring role with the students and alumni of the organization.