Bad news travels fast

April 5, 2010 10:28:00 AM



On Saturday, my husband was sitting at a local tire store in Tennessee. While waiting a man and his wife came in off the interstate with tire problems. The man started a conversation about their trip to Columbus. My husband and I are both from Columbus so what were the odds?  


The two shared the beauty of Columbus and the rich history. The wife was in Columbus researching her family history and was thrilled with what she discovered. My husband was a proud peacock bragging on Columbus when in walks this man''s wife. She pointed out to my husband that the Columbus Mayor was arrested for hitting a man and the Easter Bunny was arrested for disorderly conduct. 


My husband was so disappointed. Upon returning home, my husband jumped on the computer. Sure enough there it is in print! People may not think others care about their home town but we do. Although I live in another state I am proud of Columbus. My family lives there, my father is buried at Friendship. This situation is so sad. 


Citizens of Columbus please wake up and nip this in the bud! We want to stand proud of Columbus not hang our heads in shame. 


Jan Price, Columbus