Appreciates Robert Smith

April 5, 2010 10:28:00 AM



It was amazing to get texts and calls in my present location of Northern Virginia about my mayor being arrested for assault. Yes I say my mayor because no matter where I am in this world Columbus is home, that is where my heart and soul reside. 


When I called home to find out what had happened, I was shocked to find out that the ignorance I thought we had all out grown over the years had not passed, we are still thinking separation. What truly amazed me was the fact that another person thought he had the right to point his finger in the face of another adult man is unbelievable to me, especially after all the good Robert Smith has brought to Columbus during his tenure.  


In the 40 years I have been living and the 18 that I spent being raised in Columbus, I have never been more proud of my city as I am now. Robert may have some strong views and opinions, but to make Columbus a success for all. He has too, because being an Advocate for Severely Wounded men and women in the Army I have to do the same. Having had the pleasure of dining with him on a trip to DC to be the advocate for Columbus made me the proudest person in the world and very proud to be from Mississippi.  


Because of these trips he has brought and continue to fight for opportunities for all Columbus residents not just some. 


Living and working only 17 miles from the nation''s capitol, you have to be seen or your won''t be heard. So with that being said I give my total support to Mr. Robert Smith, because he is an advocate for Columbus and its future. His personnel conflicts do not speak for who he is as a leader in our community. We have to think bigger just as he has done if we want our city to continue to grow or if not it will wither away and be just a memory, but I hope we choose the first, because I want my children and grandchildren to have the same unbelievable fun that I had as a child. 


Ayandria Windham Barry, Northern Virginia