Stranger and stranger

April 5, 2010 10:28:00 AM



Ah, our local leaders (past and present). Isn''t it bad enough that we have to put up with the childish behavior and antics of Leroy Brooks and the criminal actions of Kamal Karriem and Jim Terry? Now it''s Robert Smith and Kabir Karriem!  


Reading the Friday Commercial Dispatch headlines, it almost read like a big name fight card. As the details trickle out, it sounds even more childish than was initially reported. What do each of the above names have in common? Each one is or was an elected official. Each one is or was propped up as a role model for our local youth. Each one ended up acting like common thugs. Then, to top it off; the Easter Bunny gets arrested! What the heck is the world coming to? 


Chester Love, Columbus