Oktibbeha airport seeks access to school land to battle beavers

March 7, 2009



STARKVILLE -- Tuesday, Starkville School District''s Board of Education heard a request from Starkville-Oktibbeha County Airport board member Jeffrey Rupp asking the school district to grant access across 16th Section land to allow the airport board to deal with beaver problems. 


Rupp displayed an aerial image showing beaver dams blocking a drainage ditch on 16th Section land. The dams are causing water to back up, and although water has not threatened the runway, the dams must be removed. 


"We would like to address the beaver problem and relocate them," Rupp said. 


Board member Pickett Wilson made the motion to allow access, saying that she understood the beavers would be relocated. Bill Weeks seconded the motion, adding with a laugh that "I have a feeling that will not happen." The board unanimously approved the motion. 


The board opened their meeting with Myles being sworn in for a second term on the school board.