Appreciates Baptist care

April 27, 2010 10:24:00 AM



I have a tale to tell you about a person who was afraid to go into the hospital. She had heard all sorts of stories of how the hospital did not care for the people who were ill. She had even had several incidents herself. When her doctor said he would do the surgery and replace her knee, not only was the doctor worried about infection, but she was afraid of things also.  


Day of surgery she checked into out-patient at 5:30 a.m., and was greeted by a wonderful woman named Precious. Off to surgery and she doesn''t remember too much about the next four or five days. But in these foggy days faces kept popping in and out of foggy clouds.  


Then one day her doctor said we can''t help you here on this floor, you need one-on-one care. A nursing home is where you belong. It was then that lights came on and she started taking control of her body. (This is the way she said it.) She pushed herself to walk 10 to 15 feet. No more "I can''t." They moved her to Rehab floor. 


She was greeted there by a very professional nurse, Jackie. The rules were set and she called her the First Sergeant. Jackie loves her job and the people she cares for. The "kids" from Rehab were there the next morning and said we ARE going for a walk. Away we went. It became a task of you will do this. Joking all the time that Thursday went by fast. She was left with instructions to have her bath, dressed in clothes as she was going to the gym. She had no choice but to comply. Here is a person who just one week before said she just couldn''t do it. Up at 5:00 a.m., washed here hair her special way, dressed, ate breakfast and was ready to go. Needless to say she walked to the gym with a couple of rests and did her exercise. 


There are not enough praises to be given out to all. From housekeeping, to everyone who took temps, blood pressure, to repertory, and a lot more.  


Remember there are always a few (1 percent) who can make a person, place or thing sound bad. Let''s not judge the other 99 percent who do their best. I know I will look for the good in everyone. Signing off now as I am running out of words. Thank you Baptist Hospital. You have some wonderful people working for you. Remember them. 


Pearl G. Riggle, Columbus