Appreciates coverage

April 27, 2010 10:24:00 AM



Two thumbs-up for the outstanding work by the WCBI-TV staff all day Saturday during the bad-weather that came through our area. 


The coverage actually started on Wednesday when Rob Smith began to warn us that Saturday "looked like it could be bad..." I''m amazed that he could see that far into the future and be so accurate. 


When things started looking badly on Saturday, Courtney Cooper, Jason Dunning and Rob were there to tell us what to expect. The field reports from assignment editor Steve Rogers and sports director Derek Cody were valuable to help us know what to expect. 


An extra thumbs-up to anchorman Joey Barnes. Through the chaos, Joey remained calm and unflappable. Even when the sirens outside were sounding, he kept on reporting. However, what he did not say was the most important. When the facts were unclear and unknown, Joey said he "didn''t know." Wow! What a refreshing thing to hear an on-air reporter to admit there were not enough facts and just tell us what he knows to be true. Tell us the truth and only the truth and it worked. 


Thanks to all the other people behind-the-scenes for making it all come together. 


Dennis Hudson and Brian Owings would be proud. 


Joe Dillon, Columbus