Officials: Did twister damage Hamilton?

April 29, 2010 11:44:00 AM



HAMILTON -- Monroe County officials are still working to determine whether Saturday''s storm system was from straight-line winds or from a tornado that caused damage in Hamilton. 


Monroe County Sheriff Andy Hood said officials from the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency were in Hamilton Wednesday to get an overview of the damage that occurred, and to make an assessment. 


"They have not presented a final report on that. They are still investigating," Hood said. 


Carla Ross said her mother Linda Pritchett lives on Garner Drive in Hamilton, and the Pritchett home received damage as a result of the storm. 


"I think it was a tornado that came through Saturday," Ross said. 


Ross submitted photos of the parts of the home that received the most significant damage. 


"The back deck was destroyed, and a tree hit the roof, and a limb damaged a bedroom that Mom uses as a closet. We will probably have to take the clothes to the cleaners to have them cleaned," she said. 


The other significant damage was to a shed that was used to house 18-wheelers. My dad, when he was alive, drove 18-wheelers. It was completely damaged," she said. 


Now that the limbs and other debris have been cleaned up, it is now time for repair work to begin on house roofs, carports and other areas affected by storm damage. 


Hood said the greatest concentration of damage was along Hamilton Road, Garner Drive and Grubb Springs Road. 


"Those were the two areas where the most damage occurred from fallen trees. Otherwise, it''s just scattered limbs, leaves and other debris that people are cleaning up," he said.