Letters: Lost and found

April 30, 2010 10:06:00 AM



Quick action and cool heads found two lost 20-year-olds that started at the Lake Lowndes nature trail and ended up in Alabama Thursday evening. The pair and their two dogs were found safe three hours after they left their car for a "short" walk. Off-duty deputies from the Lowndes County Sheriff''s Office came to far eastern Lowndes County Thursday evening to assist with the search after one of the lost hikers called 911. 


Deputy Robbie Robinson led the search and followed his training and experience to pinpoint the girls. By moving his patrol car into Alabama, stopping, sounding his siren and then asking 911 to see if the sound was louder or softer, he was able to pinpoint their location. He repeated the process for 45 minutes to get them help. 


After an hour of searching, the girls were returned to their car with their pets, safe and sound. 


Thank you to the excellent work of the Sheriff''s Office, the 911 dispatchers and the Columbus Police Department who was ready to assist. It''s nice to know that we have professionals serving each day in Columbus and Lowndes County that won''t give up until the job is done. 


Ironically, one of the two young ladies that was found is in training to try out as a Columbus Police Officer next month, Then she can return the favor to help others. 


Joe Dillion