Letters: A well-deserved rose

May 2, 2010 12:16:00 AM



Sunday''s Commercial Dispatch very appropriately awarded a rose to Annunciation Catholic School for its lead in teaching "Save Energy." 


But Annunciation Catholic School has been performing this type of good work in our community for almost 50 years now (1963-2010); may it continue for many more. 


All children educated at our school daily encounter a truly noble Catholic community in the form of our pastor, principal and the many other dedicated professionals who serve these children. 


And many others in our community, whether they are members of our parish or of other Faiths, who send their children to Annunciation Catholic School have rightly come to expect the level of education received and of the staff providing it to be of the highest quality. Yet others who volunteer talent and valuable treasure are not disappointed either. 


Thank you, Commercial Dispatch, for bestowing on Annunciation Catholic School your well deserved rose! 


Paul J. Ackerman