Letters: Important meeting

May 2, 2010 12:16:00 AM



As early as 2004 the original designs for a proposed sportsplex were presented to our city and county leaders. After a long six years, the proposal has been refined and is now openly embraced by our current leaders. The conceptual design of the new Tan Yard Park to be located in the Burns Bottom area of Columbus will be presented to the public Monday night, at 5:30 at the Columbus Municipal Complex. 


I encourage all of the citizens of Columbus and Lowndes County to attend this public meeting. After years of discussion, both negative and positive, this project is just months away from the first shovels of dirt being turned to start the construction. 


This is your opportunity to see what quality-of-life aspects will be incorporated into this park -- not just soccer fields, but other recreation opportunities will be included. This is the future of our children and grandchildren --please care enough about them to attend this meeting. 


Roger Short