David Creel: Hairstyles for all facial shapes

May 2, 2010 12:16:00 AM

David Creel -


When invited recently to be a guest lecturer on beauty and style for an upcoming event, I rolled up my shirt sleeves and dove into the notes from classes, workshops and seminars that chronicle my past 18 years as a student of beauty in some of the most glamorous cities around the country. 


From the Big Apple of New York City to the Big Easy known as N''awlins, even the Windy City of Chicago and the trade winds of St. Thomas, the hours, days and weeks add up to notebooks seasoned with advice, tips and commentary from some of the greatest hair stylists in the world: Vidal Sassoon, Warren Tricomi, Nick Arrojo, Ted Gibson, Sally Hershberger, Frederic Fekkai, Ken Paves and others, all with ideas on the perfect cut, a hair color that tops last year''s, the waves of the moment, or flat straight looks and new innovative techniques for just about everything under the sun. They are all shoved into a big box labeled "hair stuff." 


The truth of the matter is whenever I think back over all those animated motivational speakers and celebrity tricks from the hairdressing royalty, I ask myself what truly inspires beauty. 


The answer is sometimes in the obvious places and most often is staring you right in the face. Hence, with notes collected alongside my own experience behind the chair, I ask you all to find a mirror, pull your locks back into a ponytail, and let''s talk facial shapes. 




Shaping up 


The most coveted facial shape of all is indeed the oval, which can model the full gamut of hair styles beautifully. The strong lines of a square face can wear longer locks best with two thumbs up for a soft fringe along the temples and jaw. The round facial shape lends itself to a side-swept bang, wispy side tendrils and height on top-maybe a modern shag. 


The diamond facial shape sparkles with a graduated bob falling just short of a narrow chin with illusion of fullness. Opt for a wispy bang and you are on your way.  


The pear facial shape has a wide jaw and slim forehead, so tease the top and tuck hair behind the ear drawing everyone''s attention away from the cheeks. The heart facial shape wins awards on style with softer waves and bouncy layers. Stick with chin length looks. 


Granted, these are just a few suggestions from Vidal, a couple of tips from Frederic, and mostly tried-and-true wisdom from me, but whenever it comes to selecting the most flattering hair style for the season, in the salon or the classroom, face it ... it''s all about being beautiful your own way.

Former Columbus resident David Creel owns Beautiful With David salon in Jackson and has 20 years experience in the beauty industry. Contact him at [email protected]