Selectmen approve intent to seek $1.9M for repairing West Point streets

March 11, 2009



The West Point Board of Selectmen unanimously approved an intent resolution on a $1.9 million street repair bond issue. 


If it is eventually passed, the new bond issue will allow the board to repair several West Point streets and purchase heavy street maintenance equipment like dump trucks and street sweepers. 


Tuesday night''s passage of the intent resolution comes a month after the board voted to kill a highly contentious $2.9 million bond issue which would have given the board authority to repair roads and build new recreational facilities. 


Despite the fact the old bond issue would not have required a rise in taxes, several West Point citizens fought vehemently against the recreation package in the defeated bond issue. The recreation package included projects like new tennis courts, a skate park and refurbishment of existing facilities. 


"You might remember there was a lot of controversy surrounding the recreation part of the other bond issue," said Mayor Scott Ross. "But there was little controversy about the need for street repair." 


The board indicated it would be willing to look back at the issue of recreation when the economy improves. 


"We need recreation," said Ward 1 Selectwoman Linda Hannah, who voted against the old bond issue. "And it''s something we might be able to look at a later date." 


The language of the bond issue gives the board blanket authority to repair any street in West Point and to purchase any equipment weighing not less than 12,000 pounds. 


"We put that in there so we couldn''t use the money to buy something like a small car," said Ross. 


Before final passage a public hearing concerning the bond issue must be held. No date for the hearing has been set.