David Creel: Cosmos trump popcorn as movie theaters welcome premiere

May 29, 2010 9:14:00 PM

David Creel -


Remember Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha? Well ... they''re back! Sex is "in the city" again! 


As I write this column, I am the proud holder of two tickets to the midnight premiere of "Sex and the City II,", after waiting feverishly through a month or two of seeing the same preview each time we went to the movies -- which we do a lot. 


What do I know from the preview? Well, Samantha is going to take the girls on a rollicking camel ride through a real desert, apparently shot on location in Morocco, and Liza Minnelli remakes Beyonce. Aiden is coming back and, I bet, will tempt Carrie to cheat with him after she married Mr. Big in the last movie. Those stalwart fans like me will remember that when Carrie was with Aiden, she cheated on him with Mr. Big, so I suppose there would be some poetic justice. 


Also from the preview, and more relevant to my normal topics, it is clear that the designer fashions and accessories, the Prada shoes, the hip fragrances, flawlessly made-up faces, and trend-setting hairstyles absolutely will not disappoint.  


Some of the best advice I could give any woman would be to pay close attention to the wowing looks of these sassy sisters of style, for they are certain to be on and perhaps even ahead of the cutting edge in fashion, hair, make-up and overall style. 


I don''t know about you, but these girls were my absolute obsession when the television series was running, and even now I lapse into reruns for a fix from time to time. When last in New York City -- the fifth major character in this line-up -- I gave up one Broadway show just to take the "Sex and the City" bus tour to drink at Steve and Aiden''s bar, to eat a cupcake at Miranda''s favorite bakery, and to sit on the famous apartment steps where Carrie said hello and goodbye to a generation of Mr. Wrongs and perhaps one or two Mr. Rights. 


I admit it, without apology or embarrassment. I grieved for months when the show ended, and celebrated profusely with more than one Cosmopolitan (Grey Goose, of course) when I learned of the first movie. Well, it did not disappoint, and soon I shall once again savor Miranda''s sarcastic wit, Carrie''s inimitable style, Samantha''s unapologetic attitude and Charlotte''s blend of matronly naiveté with uncharacteristic vixen just once in a while. 


Like so many other fans, at different times I have divided my circle of friends and acquaintances by type into Carries, Mirandas, Samanthas or Charlottes. I would like to be Carrie and, hopefully, sometimes I am, but there is a lot of Charlotte in me, too. Few of us fit neatly into one category, and no doubt more than a few readers might think me silly for investing so much in these fictional characters. 


But in addition to what they teach us about style, these characters also teach us factual, real-life lessons about the absolute, undying love of real friends -- not the kind who come and go, but the kind who come and stay, and not just when we are our most lovable and deserving ... especially when we are not. 


In the words of Samantha, "I''ll drink to that!" Who wants to go with me to see it again? 


Former Columbus resident David Creel owns Beautiful With David salon in Jackson and has 20 years experience in the beauty industry. Contact him at [email protected]