Allegra Brigham, the right choice for MUW

May 29, 2010 9:28:00 PM



It would be hard to find someone better suited than Allegra Brigham to serve as interim president of Mississippi University for Women.  


Brigham, most recently CEO of 4-County Electric Power Association, has an intimate understanding of the forces that have been buffeting the university for three years. And she, if anyone, has the people skills and the tenacity to restore harmony to The W''s fragmented family. 


Brigham, who once served as managing editor of this newspaper, has taught at MUW and headed its public information department. She is currently Columbus-Lowndes Development Link board chairman and earlier this year, was chosen to serve on the board of directors for the Memphis Branch of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. 


More important than her impressive resume is Brigham''s tireless work ethic and an ongoing commitment to the vitality of this community. Those traits will be put to the test as she works to beat back widespread ambivalence toward to the school that has developed in recent years. 


Some will quibble about Brigham not having a Ph.D. -- she holds a master''s degree in communication. To that we say, phooey. MUW is in trouble. The university family is fragmented; faculty and administrators have their applications out and the school suffers from an identity problem -- it has none.  


Retiring President Dr. Claudia Limbert, who has served MUW since 2002, has done well buttressing the school''s academic reputation. Brigham will bring a much-needed business and marketing sense to help attract and retain students, and guide the school through lean economic times. 


Allegra Brigham has signed on for what will no doubt be a daunting task. We applaud Hank Bounds and the IHL Board. We think they have made an inspired choice.