Traffic camera prohibition headed to governor

March 13, 2009



JACKSON -- Traffic cameras may soon be a thing of the past in Mississippi. 


Lawmakers have sent to the governor a bill that would prohibit the installation of any new cameras to photograph and ticket vehicles that run red lights. 


Jackson and Columbus already use the cameras, and Tupelo, Natchez, Southaven and McComb are considering them. The Senate version of the bill says the existing cameras would have to be removed by Oct. 1. The House accepted that version on Wednesday. The legislation now awaits Gov. Haley Barbour''s signature. 


Deputy Press Secretary Laura Hipp said it''s uncertain if the governor will approve House Bill 1568, but he does recognize that the cameras have proven to reduce auto accidents. 


At least 18 states have laws allowing red-light cameras, but about six states have banned or severely restricted their use, according to a report by the National Conference of State Legislatures. 


Columbus has one traffic camera, at the corner of 14th Avenue and Waterworks Road.