Thinks Omnova strikers unreasonable

June 8, 2010 10:32:00 AM



Ethel et al. (The writer is referring to online bloggers. ed.) seem to think that Omnova exists just to give them a paycheck just because "I''ve been here 30 years and they can''t cut my salary or benefits. Boo hoo. Wake up! If the company isn''t making enough money to pay high wages and benefits, they have to cut back somewhere. If unions had their way buggy whip companies would still be paying employees to do nothing because there just isn''t a market for that product anymore. One day this economic crisis will be over, but will your job still be here? It depends on whether or not and how much you''re willing to sacrifice. Try starting your own company and then weathering the market falling down and your employees crying, "Foul! You can''t do US that way!" As far as your income goes (get the pun, or are you too wrapped up in your misery?) try living on ONE QUARTER of your previous income, for the rest of your life, and there''s no one to strike. You people think you''re bad off. You need to look around. 


Cameron Triplett Sr., Brooksville