Letter: Thankful for new park

June 9, 2010 12:59:00 PM



The impact of the community park and recreational area located on Shady Lane will provide a safety and community-based location for the adults as well as the youth in the surrounding area.  


I feel the community park has so much to offer. In the past the youth had no alternative but to play in the street, an unsafe atmosphere. Now the community park provides a place for the youth to play and to be safe at the same time. 


Now adults have an opportunity to walk on the track in their neighborhood in the afternoon and watch their kids all at once. We the citizens of Shady Lane are thankful for the park. The community park could attract attention from the surrounding areas near Shady Lane as well, which would give everyone the opportunity to take advantage of a park near their homes. In the past, the long travel to Highway 182 to Propst Park was inconvenient to some. I am thankful for Shady Lane Community Park! 


Shirley Bush