Man charged in dog fighting incident

June 15, 2010 10:47:00 AM

Tim Pratt -


A Starkville man was arrested Monday morning after police responded to a dog fight at the Brookville Gardens apartment complex. 


At 12:24 a.m. Monday, Starkville police were dispatched to a report of a dog fight in progress behind Building 26 in Brookville Gardens. Officers parked away from the area and approached on foot from Highland Avenue, so as not to alert the suspects of their presence, SPD Sgt. Chadd Garnett said.  


Upon arrival, officers saw four black males and two pit bulls, which appeared to have been in a fight, leaving the scene, Garnett said. Police stopped 25-year-old Nathaniel Hinton, of 305 Everglade Ave., Apt. 21, who was leaving on foot with a light brown pit bull. The dog had several cuts on its face, head and ear, along with a bite on its front leg and blood around its mouth, Garnett said. 


Hinton, who was sweaty and had dog hair on his wrists, was arrested and charged with dog fighting. He told police he had observed four dog fights from the breezeway of Building 26, then bought the light brown pit bull for $40 so he could breed it and sell the puppies.  


Animal Control arrived shortly thereafter and took custody of the dog, Garnett said.  


"As far as I know, it''s still at the shelter," he said.  


Police were unable to locate the other three men involved in the dog fight. Garnett said he has heard previous reports of dog fighting in the area, though not in the city of Starkville. 


"We''ve had reports of them, but this is the first time we''ve responded to a call where a dog fight was going on," Garnett said. 


Anyone with information on the remaining three suspects involved in Monday''s incident can contact the Starkville Police Department at 662-323-4131.