Bob Raymond: In town and out

July 4, 2010 2:08:00 AM



Recent house guests of Robert and Holly Ivy were Ken and Judy Swartz from New Orleans. Ken is the dean of the School of Architecture at Tulane. Joining them for dinner were Gray and Diana Plosser from Mountain Brook and Bob and Frieda Harrison from Madison.  


Holly also hosted friends before attending the annual J Broussard''s Farmers'' Market Dinner. Joining her at her Pilgrimage home, Lemquen, were Joe Boggess, Jo Shumake, Lane Pierrot, Ray McIntyre, Deborah Schumaker, Margaret Mary Henry and Chip and Debra Billups. The dinner was unbelievable; they felt like they were in New Orleans. 


Also seen at the restaurant were Robert and Brenda White, with daughter Kayla (who was treating them to dinner for Robert''s Father''s Day present), and Kelsey Thompson''s parents. 




On the road 


Paul and Eileen Ackerman just returned from a two-week trip up nawth. In addition to being spoiled by the cool weather, they enjoyed seeing family and old friends in the Chicago area. They returned to Holy Name Cathedral, where they had been married 39 years ago. Paul also celebrated his 77th birthday. Eileen joined high school friends for lunch in Antioch at Infini Tea Room and later enjoyed strolling around the quaint town. 


Several Columbians recently returned from a glorious week in California Wine Country. John and Carol Crowell, Jan and Pinky King, Fran and Richard Brown, John and Charon Hardy, and Mickey and Vana Brislin put on their fleece jackets and toured wineries in Sonoma and stayed at The Pueblo Inn. They found the inn to be a delightful respite with fountains and exquisite gardens. 


While in San Francisco, they sailed around the Bay and enjoyed the view from the water, passing Alcatraz and The Golden Gate Bridge. Needless to say, they dined at the best restaurants and found out that the California air really does cause your clothes to shrink. 


Lane Pierrot and Ray McIntyre recently hosted a dinner party for Owen Smith Shuman, Beth Boggess Sitters, and Jim and Suzy Widegren Robinson, who were in town for Elizabeth Ford''s wedding. Also attending the dinner were David and RenĂ©e Owen, Jo Shumake, Joe and Carol Boggess, and Dorothy Widegren. Jim told one of those "Yankees would never believe this" stories about his first visit to Columbus. Lane prepared a delicious dinner, which included a fabulous seafood gumbo, using one of her mother''s recipes. 


The dessert course included a panoply of treats including Edna Bank''s chocolate pound cake with a light fudge icing, followed by fresh fruit drenched in a black cherry and rum nectar. Everyone agreed that they should say "Grace" again after that terrific meal. 




Red, white and blue 


Emma and James Arthur Rogers are having a big family barbecue at their Prairie home today. Emma''s brother, Ora Chandler, and his wife, Ruby, from Kankakee are here, as well as are Emma''s nephews, Ronny Thompson from New York and Montell Givens from Chicago. The last time they had a big party was for their anniversary; the band could be heard for miles around! 


George Hazard III is hosting a cookout at his ancestral home, Liberty Hall, in New Hope today. George''s grandmother, Sarah Fowler, will be co-hosting. George''s cousin, Matt Fowler, and his wife, Emily, are putting the finishing touches on their new home on the family estate. They fashioned the house after an old New England barn, and it is beautifully nestled among the tall pines below the ridge where the circa 1832 family home is located. Matt''s brother, Ben, is looking forward to celebrating with so many of his family and friends. 


Erinn Holloway and her husband, Tim Schauwecker, are coming from Starkville, with their children, Lilly and Joseph, to enjoy a cookout on the pier at Lake Mimi with Chip and Debra Billups and several friends. Tim is a professor of landscape architecture at Mississippi State University, and Erinn is an attorney and a Spanish Instructor at Mississippi University for Women. Erinn was a Spanish teacher at St. Andrews School in Jackson when Cameron Billups was a student there, and Tim used to rent space for an art studio at one of the Billups'' commercial properties in Jackson. Tim recently returned from a trip to the Netherlands with other members of his department. 


Wink and Marianne Wright returned last week after spending two weeks on the road. They started off in Atlanta to spend time with daughter Stacey and Matt Hommes, and their photogenic daughter Hunter, and then drove up to their hometown of Pittsburgh to see son Marc and Theresa and their adorable children, Ethan, Andrew and Emma. Fantastic summer weather greeted them upon their arrival, and they enjoyed the mountain air in Pennsylvania. 


Irma Wright''s sister, Minnie Fulton, just had a big party to celebrate her birthday. More than 50 of her family and friends joined her for the celebration at Barnhill''s. 


Happy Fourth of July! 


Bob Raymond of Columbus is a retired French teacher. His e-mail address is [email protected]