Computer 'glitch' affects Columbus Police Department

July 10, 2010 5:25:00 PM

Jason Browne - [email protected]


A server crash has sent the Columbus Police Department back to the old school, but Chief Joseph St. John says it won''t affect protection or enforcement. 


"We''re back to the paper system but it''s nothing we can''t handle," said St. John. 


The CPD''s server went down "three or four days ago" forcing officers to fill out reports by hand. St. John says technical support will be at the station Monday to repair the problem. 


"It''s not affecting day-to-day operations. It''s just making it a lot harder," said St. John. "When you''re used to technology and you don''t have it, you miss it." 


The department computer system also suffered a "glitch" last week during Operation: Street Heat, a drug warrant roundup.  


St. John says he lacks the technical savvy to diagnose the problem or determine if the department''s computer hardware or software need to be updated. But he says the situation will be used to review and analyze the system. 


Most importantly, he wants citizens to know the computer problems won''t affect police responses or patrols. He says communication with the jail and other law enforcement agencies has been affected but no services have been lost.