A five-day work week? That works for us

July 27, 2010 9:24:00 AM



The Columbus Public Works Department moved to a five-day work week this week, a move that comes after City Council members expressed concerns during a retreat last week that the department isn''t productive enough. 


It''s tough to hammer people for a lack of productivity who labor outdoors, especially when the heat index is consistently over 100 degrees. But count us on the side of the council members who expect 100 percent out of every city worker -- they''re asking the questions and making the tough decisions we, as taxpayers, expect them to. 


We also think shorter days spread out over a longer week, especially during the summer months, only make sense. And, the city can counter complaints that nothing can get done in Columbus on a Friday. 


In 2008, during the previous council''s term, the city moved to a four-day work week for most city workers, to cut costs. (City Hall is closed, though police and fire departments are staffed normally.)  


City leaders should assess what the real savings are for a four-day work week, and if they offset suspicions that productivity hasn''t picked up over the days city workers are on the job. 


We''d all love a three-day weekend -- and without a doubt, for many city workers, it''s well deserved. Still, we want the council to get the most out of our tax dollars -- and shaking things up a bit where complacency might exist, isn''t a bad thing.