Disagrees with councilman on four-day work week

August 9, 2010 10:25:00 AM



I disagree will the comments by Charlie Box concerning the four-day work week by the public works in the July 20 issue of the Dispatch. As a local business owner, we benefit from four-day work weeks by simply being able to keep our work trucks off the road for one day, especially during the current recession.  


Obviously Mr. Box has not calculated the cost of work trucks on the road for the fifth day (Friday) and the loss of two hours of work productivity a five-day work week causes. Mr. Box, I implore you to do your research before you spout at the mouth.  


This lack of due diligence by our city leaders is waste of taxpayer money and newspaper print. Also, if there''s a problem or concern with productivity, then act as a leader and discuss the issue with management and not use the media to degrade the hard working employees.  


Do you think they want to work for you with those comments? 


Also, how about a thorn to Steve Rogers for erroneously reporting the new aerospace firm choosing a town other than Columbus.  


Steve not only put the hard working folks at the Link in a bind but also used his personal agenda to possibly run off any new prospects from building in the area. Thanks Steve, you''ve always had Columbus in your best interest. 


Quinn Brislin, Columbus