Letter: Obama's popularity

August 13, 2010 12:27:00 PM



So, Obama''s popularity polls are going down. It''s not because his policies are all that bad and many do not like him; it''s because of his race.  


It''s the unseen hand of the propaganda wrecking crew at work 24-7-365 doing their job of effective "info" manipulation in our political process. Those who have the gold (money, wealth, and power) -- namely corporate power, high class lobby lawyers, working behind the scenes of our political process. The same power sources are at work, as they were, way back in the day when President Jimmy Carter was made a one-term president.  


I have this gut feeling that Obama will also be a one-termer. Not because of his policies to bring a bit of peace to the world by ending two budget-busting wars. He will lose because of the new awesome power of the hidden hand in our political process, namely those who have the gold and the power to manipulate and control the not so liberal press. 


The idea of a liberal press is becoming a myth. The same "idea" and process that brought to the world the idea of globalization of the marketplace also brought about the process of the slow death of the so called liberal press by the process of corporate growth in the business process of mergers and acquisitions. 


That age-old process and "idea" of a great desire to fulfill the need for greed. And so goes the world in the 21st century. Nothing new under the sun. 


P.J. Miller 


Munford, Ala.