Roses and thorn 8-15-2010

August 15, 2010 3:21:00 AM



Roses to parent and faculty at Immanuel Center for Christian Education in Columbus for rallying around the family of a man killed in a drunk-driving accident. 


John Hall, 38, died when his motorcycle collided with a car on July 1. He left behind his children, ninth-grader Courtney Hall and seventh-grader Colden Hall, and wife, Stacey. Since then, the Immanuel family has started the John Hall Memorial Fund to benefit the children. 


To donate to the fund, visit any local Regions bank branch or call Nelson Smith at 662-243-7300. 




Roses to Mississippi State and community volunteers for working with Habitat for Humanity on the second MSU Maroon Edition Habit for Humanity house at 265 Greenwood St. in Starkville. 


The home will be next door to the first Maroon Edition Habitat House, constructed last year.  


With the foundation already poured, Habitat expects to complete the 1,250-square-foot home by the end of October.  


For Katie Marie Gray, who will move into the three-bedroom house with her two sons, Mark Allen Pittman, 20, and Scottie Pittman, 16, "It''s like a dream come true." 




A rose to the Columbus schools Cook and Hunt for working in concert with the Mississippi Department of Education to incorporate a real-life project into the three R''s. Educators used plans for a Highway 45 bypass in Columbus and Lowndes County to engage students in hands-on activities, including using compasses and computers and learning map skills. 




A rose to Columbus native Jessie Powers for her work, through the Peace Corps, to teach children from Kazakhstan English. While Powers, 25, admits most of the children in the former Soviet republic village may never use the language again, she and her students have been enriched by the project. 


Powers currently is working on a donations-based grant to purchase teaching supplies. Donate to the cause at 




A rose to Fairview Baptist Church, Annunciation Catholic Church and any other local churches that conduct background checks on those members interested in working with children ages 18 and under. 


While it might seem inconvenient, it''s a precautionary measure worth utilizing to protect our most precious commodity. And those with nothing to hide should be more than willing to submit to a full background check.