Letter: Thinks article was recruitment tool

August 15, 2010 3:21:00 AM



The article written by Commercial Dispatch staff on Aug. 8 concerning the strike at the Omnova Solutions plant in Columbus, contains a website that recruits temporary replacement workers. 


United Steelworkers Local748L and it''s 180 members, as well our staff reps and international staff, view this as a biased intrusion into affairs that news organizations should not be involved in. Our local748L and its members do not appreciate a local paper using a news article as a recruitment tool for a company that our local has issues with on contractual proposals that will have major negative effects on our members standard of living and on our community, as well as a negative effects on the facility itself with changes in production processes that will tear down a model of efficiency and quality that Omnova has prospered under for many, many years. 


Jay Lawrence  




The writer is president of USWLocal748L