Letter: Disagrees with letter

August 15, 2010 3:21:00 AM



First of all, thank you for publishing my letters. Signed letters carry so much more weight than anonymous posts, but even they give an insight to the opinions and attitudes of the general public. 


I have to heartily disagree with PJ Miller of Munford Ala., regarding Mr. Obama''s poll numbers. While his race probably does negatively affect some people''s opinion of him and his policies, I contend that he majority of Americans who don''t like him, myself included, don''t give a hoot that he''s biracial and has dark skin. His policies are definitely undemocratic, highly divisive, and exceedingly destructive to America. 


I will wager that far more people, probably Mr. Munford included, voted for and support Mr. Obama precisely because he is half black and considers himself to be black. Like the other worst President in our life-time, Mr. Obama will hopefully be a one-term president.  


His presidency has divided America into two armed camps like the election of that other tall, skinny lawyer from Illinois did 140 years ago, and that is sad. You blame "those with gold- money, power, and wealth" for bringing him down. Sir, you are so biased and blatantly partisan that you can''t see the truth staring you in the face. 


All Mr. Obama has done is blame former President Bush for this mess (take your pick) instead of actually trying to solve any of the problems. Clue: If you do solve a political or other problem, then you don''t have that to demonize your predecessor any more.  


Mr. Bush made his share of bad decisions, but it seems like Mr. Obama knows he has only four years and he''s in a hurry to make as many as he can before he''s given his walking papers in 2012. This country has turned so far toward Socialism that I don''t know if it is possible to restore true democracy or not. One thing for sure, the "Democratic" Party won''t be the one to do it. 


Cameron Triplett Sr.