Thinks restaurant has explaining to do

August 23, 2010 9:58:00 AM



My family and I have always enjoyed eating at Mi Toro''s restaurant. They have good food at great prices.  


Unfortunately, one of Columbus'' own was recently killed by a drunk driver who was employed by Mi Toro. I have a couple serious concerns: An article from the Commercial Dispatch dated July 10, 2010, states that this man, Julian Alvarez Lopez, was just leaving his job at Mi Toro Mexican Restaurant. Why would he be leaving his job intoxicated and who was on duty that allowed him to leave in that condition? Another article said that Lopez had no driver''s license or insurance. The question being asked now is, was he even in the country legally?  


The owners of Mi Toro need to make this right to the people of Columbus--if it''s even possible at this point. Their employee was allowed to leave work drunk, without a driver''s license, insurance or evidence of immigration status and then kills one of our honorable citizens. I pray that this person is not in the United States illegally, because if he is, Mi Toro would have had to be paying him cash to avoid taxes. I''ve always enjoyed the restaurant, but either Mi Toro makes this right, shows that they are honorable and legal, or they shut down.  


John Longmire, Steens