Why liberalism is bad for America

August 24, 2010 9:47:00 AM



In the article "Republicans have hot, cold feelings on Constitution," by Ben Evans, he states that Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr., D-IL, has proposed nine amendments to the Constitution. Among them are the RIGHT to quality housing and education.  


Hasn''t anybody pointed out to him those rights already exist? Every child in America gets a "free" education through grade 12. Free to them anyway, but paid for by somebody, somewhere. As to the "right" to quality housing, everybody has the right to get an education, so they can get a good-paying job, and buy their own quality housing. We also have Habitat for Humanity that gives new houses to those who desperately need them.  


Untold thousands of people across America already live in government-subsidized apartments. Someone also needs to tell Rep. Jackson that we''re currently in a recession, and we just simply cannot afford to give everybody everything. This is a prime example of why liberalism is bad for America, not to mention un-American. It will bankrupt and destroy America. 


Some are calling for an Amendment that ceases to automatically grant citizenship to anybody born to aliens on American soil. I think we''re about the only country that does this, and it needs to stop. The original amendment granting full citizenship to anyone born here was intended to bestow citizenship on the freed slaves after the War Between the States ended, not to create "anchor babies" for people who flaunt our laws. 


On another subject, I don''t doubt that someone in the striking work force from Omnova is responsible for the roofing tacks in the driveways of people who continue to do business there, but I would certainly hope that the majority and leaders of the union don''t condone these actions. This smacks of "union thug" activity, trying to scare people into supporting the strike, and I think it will backfire unless the union helps law enforcement to prosecute the offenders.  


If someone wants to strike, that is their choice, and if someone wants to work and support their family, that is their choice. Attempts at intimidation only shows how little argument you have. 


Cameron Triplett, Brooksville