Letter: A response to critics of strikers

August 25, 2010 11:24:00 AM



I am writing in response to the anonymous bloggers who have offered their opinions about the ongoing strike at Omnova. I worked at United Technologies formerly American Bosch beginning in the union ranks then moving into a management position.  


I saw firsthand the needs of the union body versus the company and how each played the other for what they hoped to gain for the duration of the contract.  


Anyone who studied 11th-grade history and economics should know that in the early years of the Industrial Revolution, 16 to 20 hour days in unsafe conditions along with child labor was rampant in the American workplace. Early in the last century workers banded together demanding better wages and work conditions. 


Did you know that a day off for a loved ones funeral or sickness could get you fired and replaced no questions asked or received? That getting hurt on the job was your fault and no compensation or insurance available? Did everyone think OSHA was part of the original Constitution? Does anyone think that because you demand better paying and working conditions and stand in unity to prove this "picket lines" that you are wrong? 


Explain yourself to hundreds who gave their life in the 1920''s and 30''s to insure future generations would have a better life in the work place. How did they die? At the hands of bully corporate thugs who sought to break the worker''s will and local police forces who were also bought out by the corporations. Sound familiar?  


I am afraid the aforementioned people will be crying spilt milk in the near future over another national dilemma. Who''s milk? Theirs if they are young enough due to Social Security benefits running out. Why? Social Security was the first pyramid scheme of the last century devised to tax present workers to compensate old and worn out workers who had no retirement, IRA''s, 401''s or savings to take them to their last days.  


This was also to put fresh money back into the economy during the great depression thus helping jump start the economy. SS was short-term thinking by the FDR Administration to provide a shot in the arm to boost national spending and a false sense of security to the public''s future.  


Speaking of corporations and bottom lines, I know for a fact that companies with strong CEO''s and staff down through the managers have a vision and goal of where they will be in their respective fields five to 20 years out and will plan accordingly to integrate new products to replace outdated ones. A corporation that needs to take concessions that was given in good faith from 250 plus workers to survive is already in its death throes and in need of strong leadership. Not narrow-mined leaders who still think wallpaper is here to stay. 


I have not seen one person on picket duty sitting close enough to the road to be a hazard. If you have the right to use the highway, do they not have the right to use the right of way?  


Even if you write online, man up and let people know who you are and not hide behind a ghost e-mail title.  


Steve Moore 


Ethelsville, Ala.