Letter: Too many attack ads

September 1, 2010 11:10:00 AM



Attack ads and negative campaigning have become all too common in the United States. A common tactic that found new heights during Andrew Jackson''s campaign for the president in 1828. These attacks have no place in the political arena in 2010. Our nation faces far too many challenges to focus on anything but the issues and the ideas of candidates running for office. 


It seems attack ads have now started in the race for our Congressional District. Rep. Childers released an ad that said State Sen. Nunnelee broke a pledge against raising taxes signed in March of 2010. However, the evidence offered to prove Nunnelee broke his pledge was laws that he voted for well before he ever signed the pledge. 


So far, Nunnelee has taken the high road, and he has not joined in the mudslinging. I applaud him for this, and I encourage both candidates to focus on the issues and run clean campaigns. We have too many issues to address. Discussions about runaway Congressional spending, a bad health care law, and an economy that has yet to rebound should dominate this election. Let''s leave the attack ads at home. 


Justin Sutton