Internet search just got better with Google Instant

September 9, 2010 12:01:00 PM

Peter Imes - [email protected]


On Wednesday Google rolled out their Google Instant feature. Google Instant makes searching much easier and faster by actually showing search results to you while you type your keywords. 


Try it. Go to Just to the right of the search box is a little link. If that link says "Instant is off" simply click the link and turn Instant on. Now type in a couple of keywords. As you start typing, a familiar search results page will appear and the results will continue to change as you type more letters. 


In addition to the instant search results page, you still get the auto-complete feature. The auto-complete feature tries to predict what you are going to type. As you roll over each item, you can click on the keywords to be taken to a search results page or you can click the "I''m feeling lucky" link that appears to the right of the keywords. Check out the graphic with this story to see what I''m talking about. The "Lucky" button takes you to the first website on the search results page. 


Google is truly an innovative company. Many popular websites are one-trick ponies, but Google is constantly innovating. Not satisfied with creating the best search engine, they have constantly improved it. If you haven''t explored all of Google''s services, do yourself a favor and spend some time looking at what they offer.

Peter Imes is publisher of The Dispatch. You can email him at [email protected]