Letter: Think Barbour would make a great president

September 9, 2010 3:56:00 PM



If (the biggest word in the English language) memory serves me correctly Steve Mullen came here from California. From his article in Wednesday''s paper I gather he doesn''t think much or highly of Mississippi politics or Gov. Barbour. He''s not alone there. He and Bill Minor would make great bookends or a salt-n-pepper shaker set. Mr. Mullen is highly critical of anything/everything the governor has done, does, or might do in the future. I would like to point out that California''s budget is larger than most countries have, and it is on the brink of bankruptcy. I do hope that Mr. Mullen does not want Mississippi to follow California''s lead! 


As far as Gov. Barbour''s possible presidential bid in 2012, I can think of quite a few hopefuls and also-rans that aren''t near the caliber leader the Governor is. This country has not had a Southern-born president worth a damn in my lifetime, and yes, I am most definitely including Slick Willie. The main reason he wanted the gig was he thought it was a cool babe magnet. 


On a related subject, President Obama is proposing some ideas, specifically tax-related regarding breaks, that Republicans have endorsed for beaucoup years. The idea is to force Republicans to vote for "his" budget proposals (that are from the GOP), or against anything the president proposes and further entrench the "Party of no" label heaped upon them by the Democrats. I say vote for the tax breaks and tell the truth about just whose ideas they really are. Then vote to rein in the runaway spending in Congress, which Democrats live and breathe. 


This is precisely why Gov. Barbour will make such a great president for America. Not just the Republicans or Democrats, or blacks or whites, but for everyone in America, and that is precisely what this country needs right now, a president for everyone and not someone who divides to conquer. Mr. Obama is giving former Presidents Carter and Clinton a real race for the title of worst president ever. 


Cameron Triplett Sr.