Letter: 'Fair tax is possible'

September 22, 2010 9:48:00 AM



Over the past week, many readers and writers have weighed in about the now infamous anonymous contribution in an ad ran by the campaign of Travis Childers. Was this a mistake? Yes. Was this the first or last time this will happen in politics? No. What has happened is a great opportunity to discuss the merits of a "fair tax" has started to slip away. 


Many Americans are frustrated with our current tax system. They feel overtaxed, and they see the system as one that is unfair and too complicated. Take a look at your next pay stub. I want you to notice who gets paid first. It''s not you, it''s the government. With a national sales tax, you get paid first. You get to decide how much you want to pay in taxes when you decide what you will buy.  


Many will say this is impossible. They will say the United States will not be able to function. This is not true. For a long time, the United States survived without an income tax, and there is no reason it cannot do so again. In fact, the country was able to pay off its debt without an income tax.  


They will say that it hurts the poor and helps the rich. Again, this is not true. Is the "fair tax" perfect as it is written? I would be willing to bet there is some fine tuning that needs to be done to it. However, this will not happen without debate by the public and our leaders. Let''s put partisan politics and bickering aside for a minute. Let''s try to find a better answer to our current tax system. This election has provided us with a great opportunity. We need to seize the moment. 


I would like to bring home the all the pay that I earn. I would like to see my leaders make frugal decisions. I bet you agree with me. I suggest you give the "fair tax" a fair look. 


Justin Sutton