David Creel: Quick fixes for beauty emergencies

September 26, 2010 12:11:00 AM

David Creel -


We live in a world of too much, but can one ever have too much beauty knowledge? Tips, tricks and tidbits that might be trivial to some could be the difference in the life and death of bangs gone wrong or cheek color that leaves you less than blushing.  


With the help of Facebook, Twitter and iPhone applications, beauty blunders should be a thing of the past. Women everywhere are sharing a wealth of true stories, testimonials and cautionary tales to help with those beauty emergency situations. Sit back and enjoy just a few beauty fixes from my own network of friends. From celebrity artists around the globe to my Aunt Trucine, a retired beauty authority, you are sure to want to clip this one and save it. 






Just can''t deal with those bangs you wish you had opted out of during your last visit with your stylist? Flat-iron the dickens out of them. Sweep them off to one side, and you will find they now frame your face softly instead of highlighting your forehead.  


When you go a little overboard and styling products wreak havoc on your tresses, grab a blow dryer and a big paddle brush. Turn on the heat and start brushing. Before you know it that heavy build-up of mousse, gel or pomade will be a thing of the past. If that doesn''t solve the problem, it might be a ponytail day! If your hair is too short for a ponytail, maybe you have an extra vacation day coming? 


Blush is nothing to take lightly, so if your au natural sweep of blush turns into war paint, don''t panic -- no need to wash your face and start over. The solution is to dip a brush in translucent powder and swirl it onto the cheeks until you are blushing for all the right reasons again. 


Sniff, sniff ... too much of your favorite eau de parfum? Blot some rubbing alcohol over perfumed skin and a more subtle nuance of your favorite fragrance will make those people in the elevator appreciate you.  


These are just a few of my best tricks for seizing the day that could have ended up going south -- bad hair day averted, Bozo-the-clown blush avoided, and potential fragrance fatality leaves you "smelling like a rose," figuratively!

Former Columbus resident David Creel owns Beautiful With David salon in Jackson and has 20 years experience in the beauty industry. Contact him at [email protected]