Claude Simpson: Joe Higgins makes how much?

October 18, 2010 10:08:00 AM



It is no wonder that our state always sucks the hind one. When a low-level functionary position such as the one held by Mr. Higgins earns such salaries (Higgins makes $220,00 per year plus the potential to make $30,000 in bonuses), it is obvious why we have no money for better education and other needed things like fixing the holes in the streets.  


For your information Secretary of State Hilary Clinton earns $186,600; the US Secretary of Commerce earns $175,700; and the ambassadors to all countries where the US has an embassy earn between $120,000 and $185,000.  


For the amount that we pay to Mr. Higgins it is obvious that we can hire a top-notch executive who has better skills at negotiation and public administration.  


I say reduce his salary to make up for the shortage that he needs to meet his fantasy budget demand of the Link. If he quits the job, good, because then we could hire a much better executive for a lot less money.  


I really doubt that it would matter much in terms of convincing industry to come to Columbus since he thinks that they are only attracted with big tax advantages anyway, with hopes that maybe one day they will become real citizens and pay taxes as our local industry is already obliged to do.  


I guess it is hard for him to realize that when attracting industry he is in competition with other cities that dress themselves up and provide other incentives than tax breaks. Having been once on a plant selection team, I am aware that the tax incentive is not the most important item on the agenda. What is more important is the level of education of the prospective employees, the quality of life in the community where they expect to send executives and the honesty and quality of behavior of its public officials.  


We don''t need Mr. Higgins. We need more professional leadership in our community. Please get out and vote Nov. 2 and finally throw out some of the dead wood that puts their self interest before the interest of the citizens and taxpayers in our community. 


Claude Simpson