Raymond Gross: Childers and the Fair Tax

October 18, 2010 12:05:00 PM



Well, my suspicions have been confirmed that Mr. Childers is a federal income tax loving liberal. The proof came from his own lips. While claming to be a "Conservative Blue Dog" he admitted that he is against the Fair Tax Bill which is absolutely a conservative issue, so why doesn''t Mr. Childers support it?  


If he really cared about the people of District 1 and if he was a true conservative blue dog, he would be 100% for the Fair Tax bill since it would help the poor most of all, not only in district one but the whole country. 


As he spoke about putting his foot on the base, I think he stuck the other foot in his mouth at the same time with his comments about buying new cars. I don''t buy new cars because I''m somewhere between lower to middle class, income wise, and none of my friends buy new cars. It''s only the rich folk like Mr. Childers and his big money supporters who buy new automobiles in MS. Us poor folk can''t even afford the expensive MS tag fees (taxes) for new automobiles. We have to actually balance a budget to stay out of debt! That''s right, a real b-u-d-g-e-t. 


SHAME on you Mr. Childers for trying to mislead the voters of District 1 with your false ads on the fair tax and claiming to be a conservative but not supporting the bill. We know better, Mr. Childers, so go ahead with the 3rd party negative ads-spread some more of the liberal wealth around. We independents plan on voting for Nunnelee this time. 


Raymond Gross