Toilet paper roads

March 27, 2009



Regarding pavement in Columbus: Two of the most traveled roads in Columbus and Lowndes County are Waverley Ferry and Lincoln roads. These are the back roads to Wal-Mart and a short cut to Highway 50 to West Point. There are hundreds of vehicles daily on these roads; now the big Army trucks are traveling both to and from West Point to Waters Truck & Tractor for service on Waverley Ferry Road.  


These are narrow roads, and they are worn out. The roads need widening an re-paving. The manholes down Waverley Road need attention. Each time we have a heavy rain, crap and toilet paper comes out the top of them. Last year oil came out, and it was real slick and dangerous.  


The manhole at the intersection of Community and Waverley has been patched at several times in past two years and still is the biggest bump in town. It still emits the waste. The manhole in front of my house is loose and every time a car runs over it. It jars my house. These roads are part in the city and part in the county. Someone needs to take a lead on this and do something about it.  


Dan Sibley, Columbus