Lowndes to participate in statewide tornado drill

October 19, 2010 11:04:00 AM



Columbus and Lowndes County will participate in the Annual Statewide Tornado Drill on Wednesday at 9:15 a.m. conducted by the National Weather Service. 


Lowndes County is not immune to severe weather. In January 2008, Caledonia High School took a direct hit from an F3 tornado with winds estimated to be around 155 mph.  


The school had participated in this drill in October 2007 and was able to conduct an orderly and effective plan to keep all safe, Lowndes County Emergency Management Agency Director Cindy Lawrence said in a release. 


"This will be a good day to think about what you will do when the sirens sound for a real tornado," Lawrence said in a release. 


The NOAA weather radios, the tornado sirens and the weather alert receivers will be activated. The weather radio will clearly state "This is a test." Some models of NOAA Weather Radio will not give an audible alert so you should be prepared to conduct your drills without the audible alarm. 


"We strongly encourage local schools, day cares, nursing homes, hospitals, government agencies, and businesses to participate in this drill to test your Emergency Preparedness Plan," Lawrence said. "That plan should include a designated room in a house or business to seek shelter in, an emergency kit including a three-day supply of food and water, and a NOAA weather radio." 


If there is threatening weather, the drill will be postponed to a later date. 


For more information, call the Lowndes County Emergency Management Agency, 662-329-5110.