Dianne Bean: Supports library director

October 22, 2010 12:03:00 PM



As a career librarian I can appreciate Alice Shand''s management of the Columbus public library. It is clear she has evaluated her collection, assessed patron usage and disbursed her budget to benefit the most patrons. This year her budget was slashed so much the library was in danger of losing a state grant which supported library staff salaries.  


Thank you Alice for fighting and winning that battle.  


In addition to maintaining staff she has refurbished the library inside and out and has made the facilities more user friendly by moving the fiction section downstairs. The YA section is beautiful and is a much needed place to attract and maintain the interest of our young people. As for the reference collection, it is the most extensive section of any library and must be updated regularly with almanacs, yearbooks and latest serial volumes in order to be viable.  


Why spend that money when reference questions can readily be answered by using the "information highway"? If patrons are not computer savvy, a MLS librarian is available to assist. If a patron still insists on using print sources, the MUW library is only blocks away. With a shrinking budget I applaud Alice for a job well done. I, for one, am most pleased with the library and its friendly, helpful staff. 




Dianne Bean