Cameron Triplett: Political endorsements

October 28, 2010 10:19:00 AM



It''s a shame and a sad commentary on people and today''s politics when "loyal subscribers" and "close friends" get so bent out of shape over a newspaper''s endorsement of ANY candidate that they cancel a subscription or refuse to look the publisher in the face. I''ve been told that Birney Imes is as liberal as they come, and that''s his choice to make, no one else''s. Everyone else can decide for themselves if liberalism or conservatism is the better choice, and why. 


As to Travis Childers being the better choice for congressman from this District, I agree that it''s better to have someone who will occasionally think and vote for themselves and their constituents than to have a rubber stamp who will vote down the party line every time. Now comes the "but" (a broad subject for many people). 


IF (the biggest word in the English language) Mr. Childers is indeed the better choice of the two, he must realize that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is the worst possible person to wield the gavel. She, in tandem with President Barack Hussein Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, are destroying this country by ignoring the Constitution and playing extreme partisan politics. 


There may be worse choices than her, but she''s in the hot seat. If Mr. Childers would publicly avow to NOT support Ms. Pelosi for Speaker he would probably win by a landslide. What I''m saying is, "Mr. Childers, if in fact you are your own man in DC, step up and prove it." 


Cameron Triplett Sr.