Gary A. Chism: 'Fire Nancy Pelosi!'

October 30, 2010 10:43:00 PM



Since 2007, when Nancy Pelosi was elected Speaker of The US House of Representatives, our national debt has risen $5 trillion. Let''s get a perspective of how much money a trillion dollars represents. A million seconds equals 12 days, a billion seconds equals 32 years, and a trillion seconds equals 32,000 years. Also, Nancy Pelosi''s liberal San Franciscan values don''t equate to Mississippians. 


Yet, our current Congressman, Travis Childers, is staking his entire campaign on trying to convince us that he''s "independent." Hogwash. He voted to put Congress in the hands of Nancy Pelosi. Would you have voted to put her in the third highest office in the land? Then why would you vote for Travis Childers? 


He took hundreds of thousands of dollars from Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank, Bennie Thompson and labor unions to run his campaign. Do they represent your values? Then why support their choice for Congress? 


He votes with Nancy Pelosi 81% of the time, he won''t repeal ObamaCare, and he voted for the out-of-control spending that put us in this mess. Would you have voted that way? Then why would you vote for Congressman Childers? 


He talks "independent" down here and rubs elbows with the liberals in Washington. I don''t want two more years of that kind of representation. I''m voting, and I''m voting for Alan Nunnelee for Congress, and if you will join me, we are going to fire Nancy Pelosi!