Thomas (Tom) Harris: Supports Kitchens

November 2, 2010 11:03:00 AM



It is a shame that a very qualified and long-serving judge has to be drawn into the political arena having to be criticized and somewhat slandered. My wife and I have both been called for jury duty with Judge Kitchens presiding, he has always treated all those in his courtroom with the utmost respect, fairness, dignity, and compassion. I have known Judge Kitchens outside of the court as well, and he is the very same person there as well, having never used his position for personal gain or influence.  


I have counseled with several young adults, both in jail and out on probation, who simply made a bad choice in life and had to stand before Judge Kitchens in his court. I have never had a single one to tell me they were not treated fairly with respect in sentencing for their wrongs, I have been told Judge Kitchens apologized to them and their family for having to do his duty in applying the law, which is what we elected him to do.  


This election, unlike many other on the ballot, is the very epitome of " if it is not broke, don''t fix it." We have a good Judge in Jim Kitchens and we should reelect him. As for me and all my family, we will vote for Jim Kitchens, and urge you to do likewise.