Our opinion: Take the time to serve

November 4, 2010 11:01:00 AM



Occasionally, the Columbus-Lowndes Development Link will send around a list of city and county committee vacancies. These committees work behind the scenes to make things happen -- they tackle everything from policing historic districts to planting trees. 


Leaders will tell you that members of these committees seem to be the same group of people -- a core group of volunteers that end up serving on multiple boards, or jumping from board to board. It''s not an easy task to find fresh blood to fill some of these committee positions. We laud the Link for making the effort to spread the work. 


And, plenty of positions are open, or will be open soon. The city and county are always in need of civil service commissioners, housing authority board members, recreation authority board members, zoning and Tree Board members, Convention and Visitors Bureau members. 


If you want to serve your community, or get involved in helping chart Columbus'' and Lowndes County''s future, this is the way to do it. Some of these things may seem small, like deciding where to plant trees. But they can also have a huge impact -- look at the Columbus Light and Water board, which is voting on things like raising electricity rates and buying million-dollar plots of land. 


We urge those with the time, energy, and interest to get involved. Contact the Link, or talk to your city councilman or county supervisor about your interest. 


Help chart our future, and shake up our power structure with new faces and new ideas. 




Synopsis of City and County board appointments for 2010 







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Source: Columbus-Lowndes Development Link