Get it together, West Point

November 10, 2010 10:44:00 AM



What''s going on in West Point? 


The mayor jumps ship with no explanation. City board meetings seem to become ever more explosive, culminating with an ex-mayoral candidate getting dragged from the room Tuesday night. 


The board seems polarized along racial lines, with members working their own agendas instead of for what''s best for the city. 


City government appears in disarray. Unemployment is high, morale of the citizens is low. 


Fair or not, this is the perception of West Point others in the Golden Triangle have of the city, and it''s a shame. West Point is a beautiful little town, with beautiful homes, good schools, an immaculate and inviting downtown, excellent restaurants, and a world-class golf course that draws players from around the nation. 


The sorest of the sore spots in town -- the crumbling Main Street bridge -- has been finally repaired and open to traffic. 


West Point needs some traction to attract more industry, business, and residents. This traction needs to start at the top -- with the mayor and Board of Selectmen. 


Unfortunately, the city isn''t getting the leadership it needs at this critical time. 


We were glad to see Mayor Scott Ross return Tuesday night, at least in a part-time capacity. He said his absence has been due to health concerns. While that''s a broad explanation, at least it''s a better than none at all. We believe the city was suffering from inattention before Ross'' disappearance -- with Ross'' other interests (practicing attorney, landlord, College Board member among them), he was already a part-time mayor.  


We do wish the mayor well. But once he''s back up to speed, we''d like to see him perform at a higher capacity than before. We also think it''s past due time for the mayor and board to come together, talk candidly with each other about what is best for the city, and begin to move West Point back in a positive direction.