Stephanie Ward: Supports Porter

November 22, 2010 10:47:00 AM



The simple fact that Lee Coleman has spent eight times as much as Nebra Porter campaigning yet only lead the Nov. 2 election by 8.4 percent of the vote speaks volumes for how experienced Coleman is as a politician. Sure, he knows how to put together a campaign, flood mailboxes with oversized ads and portray the picture-perfect family man on repetitious television commercials; but we don''t need a judge who is invested in promoting himself, we need a judge who is invested in promoting our community.  


While Coleman was wooing the big spenders, Porter was volunteering to read to the children of Starkville to advocate family literacy. It was only after the program was over that Porter proceeded to cordially greet people; expressing how she would help in bringing a balance to the Golden Triangle and passing out modest-sized cards with relevant facts on her candidacy. 


Porter has proven that it doesn''t take absurd amounts of money to successfully campaign for judge. Rather, it only takes honesty, integrity and a lot of good-old-fashioned, hard work! 


With that being said, wake up Columbus; listen up Starkville and keep the momentum West Point. We have the rare opportunity to elect a person who is truly dedicated to equal and absolute justice. Now all we need to do is take a few minutes on Tuesday to make our voices be heard. 


Even if you didn''t vote in the previous election or voted for another candidate, you can and should vote for Nebra Porter. Please don''t sit at home thinking that you are only one vote; you just might be that one vote needed to help bring a change to the Golden Triangle!