Cameron Triplett: Entitlements

November 27, 2010 10:00:00 PM



There are many "third-rail/sacred cows" in politics. Anything to do with entitlements is just about off-limits if a politician wants to protect his/her career. As the situations/conditions evolve, the requirements to be eligible for certain entitlements need to change with the times, or we all suffer the consequences. Raising the retirement age to be eligible for Social Security retirement benefits is an idea past due. If people can work until they reach 70 without difficulty, why do they get to draw SS retirement and work as well? The SS system is overloaded with freeloaders now, many of who have never paid a dime into the system, but they are "entitled," and many of whom cheated the system to get benefits for which they are not really eligible. We''ve got to do something before it''s too late. Our public servants in DC need to man up (even if they''re female) and do what''s right and needed, then explain, not spin or lie, their votes to the people who elected them. The same goes for those in Jackson. 


Cameron Triplett Sr.