Raymond Gross: 'Old Reliable'

December 18, 2010 7:49:00 PM



While growing up in a coal mining town in southeast Kentucky, I became very familiar with the L&N Railroad Co. Their motto was "The Old Reliable." That motto quickly came to mind as I thought of what to say in a letter about our paper carrier.  


The Annie McDaniel family has been on this job working faithfully and diligently six days a week for over 40 years. When I first met her back in the 80''s, it was she and her husband working together. After her husband passed, her daughter has been helping her press on to this very day. A few weeks ago, Miss Annie told me that she is retiring the end of this month. She will be missed. 


I can''t think of anyone in Lowndes County who has been a more steadfast positive example than our "paper woman" Miss Annie. She deserves the highest respect, admiration, recognition and appreciation for her long, faithful service to the citizens of Lowndes. 


I hope Mr. Imes can find a replacement who will be just as loyal and determined to getting the job done as well as the McDaniels have been. 


Thank you Miss Annie for all your years of devoted service to your customers of our Commercial Dispatch. You have been very "reliable." Happy retirement.  


Raymond Gross