John Imes: Concerned about stray arrows

December 20, 2010 11:39:00 AM



I was walking the Riverwalk recently. Leaving the paved way to walk the path that follows the raised ridge on the side, I was surprised to see a fellow in camouflage walking along with his compound bow. He said he was hunting, and when I said I thought he shouldn''t be hunting so close to the Riverwalk, he said that Corps of Engineers owned the land and that bow hunting is allowed for those who have a certain permit. He knew of only a couple other people who hunted there. He also said that as he knew the difference between a person and a deer, there''s no danger. Still, everyone I''ve mentioned this to has been uncomfortable with this set-up, as am I. 


We are very fortunate to have the Riverwalk - where we can move and breathe easy and enjoy nature. I would like to see the land around there preserved for humans and wildlife to roam freely and without fear of stray arrows. 


I''ve written the local office of the Corps of Engineers and encourage you to do likewise, if you share my concerns. Their office is at 3606 W. Plymouth Road, Columbus, MS 39701.